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New design case CURVE (CU 109 47 ...)


The comprehensive range of cases from Fischer Elektronik is now extended by the new design case CURVE. The elegant aluminium case with the part number CU 109 47 ... consists of two half-shells which are fitted against each other and contain practical details such as guide grooves for inserting 100 mm Eurocards or mounting panels. Furthermore the half-shells have guide channels for the insertion of nuts and threaded strips, which, among other things, enable non-standard PCBs to be mounted. The half-shells are closed off and fixed in place by the front and rear panels, which are locked in place by threads in the profile using a screw fastening. The screw connections of the front panel and rear panel, which are made from above and below, are each concealed by a modern design frame. The frames used for this purpose are simply pushed onto the assembled case profiles without any additional tools, snap into the grooves provided for this purpose and require no further fastening or fixing. The circumferential and slightly protruding anti-slip decorative strips do not only accentuate the elegant design, but also enable safe and non-slip use as bench case. The decorative frames are offered in six different colour combinations as standard: ultramarine blue and ericaviolet, ultramarine blue and carmine red, ultramarine blue and daffodil yellow, luminescent green and black, black and pure orange, and pure orange and daffodil yellow. The CURVE design case is available in six different lengths (80, 100, 120, 160, 200, 220 mm) and in black (SA) and natural colour anodised (ME) finishes. The basic case as well as the cover plates can be mechanically processed, surface-treated and printed according to customer requirements. The CURVE design enclosure is supplied as a disassembled kit including cover plates and mounting material. For EMC shielding of the built-in electronics, the cases can be extended with EMC seals and an EMC silicone tube on customer request. The conductivity of the aluminium components is achieved by an optional transparent passivation.

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