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New Tape & Reel straps available as standard


The importance of and demand for a packaging form suitable for automatic machines is also growing steadily in the range of connectors. In recent years this trend has not only been limited to bar magazines as a packaging form but has increasingly extended to enquiries and orders for tape & reel packaging. As a result, Fischer Elektronik is expanding its extensive product portfolio to include additional tape solutions for automatic loading. The articles BL 15 SMD 043/089, MK LP 41/42, SL 11 SMD and SLV W 4 SMD 048/073 from the connector sector are new in the standard range. In order to simplify the variety of different tapes and to make them more economical, sensible combinations of contact sizes for different type series have been combined in one tape. Not only common SMD devices are new in the standard range in tape & reel format, but also tape solutions for THT or THR devices. Depending on the type of connector being used, pick and place aids or capton dots are applied, which are removed again after the soldering process to simplify handling. If you cannot find your item in the standard product range with optional tape & reel packaging or if this is not offered, Fischer Elektronik will also develop customised tape & reel solutions tailored to your individual application.

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